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Cradle Series: 1 RU/ 3 RU Rack Mount Encoder- Decoder

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4/16/32 Channels Encoding- Decoding Plug-in Cards


Kiloview Cradle series is a 1RU or 3RU rack-mounted frame, mixed with 4 channels (1RU), 16 channels and 32 channels (3RU) codec modules, and can be used for remote video transmission/live broadcast/interaction under wired network. It comes with dual power modules, centralized heat dissipation, ensuring longtime stable operation.

·Audio and video interaction ·Multi-platform live broadcast ·7*24h operating

·NDI/SRT ·Vertical screen live broadcast ·Image and text overlay ·3.5mm analog audio ·Encoding/decoding modules mixed plug-in ·Dual power modules ·SDK/API provided


Conference/program/live webcast, video network transmission, video point–to -point interactive connection, SDI/HDMI signal network transmission/live broadcast, video network recording, vertical screen live broadcast, integrated media project, network engineering project, etc.


Plug-in card structure, free to mix and insert encoding and decoding cards, flexible application and replacement

  • 1RU rack-mounted frame supports up to 4 channels of SDI/HDMI encoding or decoding cards, and 3RU rack-mount frame supports up to 32 channels cards;

  • Plug-in card structure is easy for the card installation and replacement.

Standard dual power modules, dual cooling fan, stable and reliable operation

● 1RU/3RU rack- mount frame is equipped with dual redundant power as standard, effectively preventing power failure; ● Dual cooling fans for centrally dissipate heat to ensure stable and 24h continuous operating; ● Power indicator light and operation indicator light to monitor working status.

Encoding cards parameters:

RE-1 encoding card

RE-2 encoding card

RD-230/RD-300 decoding card parameters



Connect us if any kind of requirement related to encoding- decoding, we will be happy to assist you!

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