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HDMI (VGA/CVBS) to SDI video Converter

Updated: Apr 23


Broadcast-Grade HDMI to SDI Video Converter

Kiloview KV-CV190 is a broadcast level multifunctional video converter which can convert HDMI, VGA and AV(CVBS) to SDI-based coax signal with functions of frame conversion, resolution conversion, image scale up/down, color conditioning, image enhancement and adjustment.

hdmi converter

High Interface Compatibility

  • HDMI, VGA and AV (CVBS) signals can be manually specified or automatically identified;

  • It supports HDMI audio un-embedded/ analog audio input, and making audio embedded into SDI signal;

  • SD/HD/3G SDI output supported; supports 2 channels SDI output simultaneously;

  • Integrated with enhanced SDI line driver, it can ensure SD SDI transmission distance up to 400m, HD SDI transmission distance 200 m, 3G SDI transmission distance 120 m, under Belden 1694A and same cable quality conditions;

  • Advanced settings or firmware upgrading is available by connecting PC via USB;



CV190 is suitable for all scenarios where HDMI, VGA, or AV (CVBS) signals need to be converted into SDI signal output, such as broadcast and television program editing, video teaching and training, high-definition video information release, high-definition video long-distance transmission, video conferencing, multimedia Advertising and video security monitoring and other fields.


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