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KV MultiView Player for NDI

Updated: Apr 15

NDI Multi-screen Player

KV MultiView player for NDI® is a multi-screen playback software for unlimited NDI® streams. Simply select any of the NDI sources in your network, up to 16 streams can be displayed in a single window for Multiview with any layout. MultiView Player is compatible with various NDI® High Bandwidth and NDI®|HX sources, both 4K and HD, and easily connects with your smartphones, computers, NDI®-enabled encoders, cameras, and production systems.

What Benefits with KV Multiviewer?

1. Unlimited NDI Sources

unlimited ndi source

Add up to 16 streams on each screen, and unlimited screens for each Multiview player according to your needs and server performance – Either NDI or NDI |HX, Either main or Sub streams.

2. Self-defined layout

self defined layout

To view multiple NDI or NDI|HX sources, use Multiview as a multi-window monitor, just set PIP (Picture in Picture), PBP (Picture by Picture) or 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/16 grids, or whatever window you want, you could customize the layout with a simple dragging of the video image with its name and screen size including width, heights, horizontal and vertical line adjustable.

3. Control Your Player from Anywhere

control player

Multiview can run on a computer without a monitor. With Web URL, you can manage your Multiview on any Web page; or simply Scan a QR code, you can manage it on any mobile phone or iPad. Remember, the key is clicking the Studio Monitor icon.

4. Output NDI

output ndi

Supports the compression of multi-picture video into the NDI stream for output, and its parameters can be set by yourself, and this NDI stream is allowed to be discovered on the network.

5. Multi Windows, Multi Screens


Supports remote switching among multi-screens/multi-windows, and the windows can be copied

6. Professional Auxiliary functions

auxiliary function

Multiview has comprehensive and professional auxiliary functions such as VU Meter, safety frame, centerline, frame, and so on.

7. Tally Control

tally control

You can set each of the screens as Preview (PVW) mode/ Program (PGM) mode to control the NDI streams’ tally status. Also, you can distinguish the status by the color of the window border.

8. Auto Discover or by Manual

auto discover

The NDI protocol is a high-performance standard that enables anyone to use real-time, ultra-low-latency video on existing IP video networks.

Why NDI?

The NDI protocol is a high-performance standard that enables anyone to use real-time, ultra-low-latency video on existing IP video networks.

why ndi

NDI Webcam Input

Easily designate Kiloview NDI encoders as the video input source in popular desktop video applications like Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Skype, Skype for Business, WebEx, Zoom, Teams and more using the free NDI® webcam input tool.

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