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Entertainment TV Channel registration in India

Updated: Apr 23


Team Sky Wire Broadcast has 15+ years of experience developing TV channels in India under the category of News or Non- News & Current Affairs TV Channel.

There are two categories in India to develop TV Channel by the Government of India

  1. News & Current Affair

  2. Non- News & Current Affairs

Other than News Content, every content falls under Non- News & Current Affairs i.e. Sport, Religious, Entertainment, Movie etc.

First, you need a TV Channel license from the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting to operate a Movie TV (Non- News & Current Affairs) TV Channel in India.

The list of required documents are below:

1. Processing Fee Rs. 10,000/- at the time of application

2. Company Registered under Companies Act 1956

3. Company Net worth certificate of Rs. 5.00 Cr. Duly signed by Auditor/CA

4. Audited Balance Sheet

5. Satellite Bandwidth and Uplinking Agreement with Teleport Service Provider

6. Project report of channel/company

7. Full Details of Directors

8. Performance Bank Guarantee of Rs. 1.00 Cr. each

9. Channel annul Uplink fee- Rs. 2.00 Lacs (time of MIB permission)

10. Channel downlink Fee- Rs. 5.00 Lacs per annum per channel (time of MIB permission)

After the permission, we need Movies content for our viewers, Brand Promotion, Brand Association, Brand Tie-up, Content Distribution on DTH, MSOs, OTT etc.

To get a business plan with all the estimated expenses and Income, You can write us a mail at or call us on +91-9210025777.


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