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Secure Reliable Transport - SRT

SRT introduction

SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) is an open source, free and flexible application specification. It is a transmission technology that can transmit data streams in a complex network environment in real time. It uses the UDP protocol at the transport layer, although the UDP protocol is an unreliable transmission protocol, with the powerful data recovery capability of SRT, coupled with the fast speed and low overhead of the UDP protocol, finally make SRT safe, stable and fast.

Point-to-point one-way transmission and video interaction

During the transmission of audio and video streams from the SRT source device (shown as below encoder) to the SRT target device (such as the below decoder), the SRT will detect and adapt to the changing network state between the two devices in real time, resist the bandwidth jitter that caused by network congestion. With its powerful error recovery mechanism, it can minimize the possibility of network packet loss. At the same time, SRT can also perform AES encryption to ensure data security during transmission.

We have the Video Encoder with SRT inbuilt features which you can utilize to transmission from TV Station to Teleport (Satellite Station), for real time feed from TV channel regional offices/ Studio to Headquarters. Many TV Channels are using these feature from us.

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