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How to make 8 platforms live with the help of H.264 HD SDI/HDMI Encoder

Updated: May 9


Kiloview E series wired hardware video encoder converts SDI/HDMI base-band video to H.264 IP streams, to achieve remote video transmission or live across internet WAN or over local network LAN. They support the most common protocols including SRT, RTMP, RTMPS, RTP, HLS, UDP, RTSP, Onvif, and are widely applied to professional live production, streaming, broadcasting, etc.

E1: SDI Input/Loop; E2: HDMI Input/Loop

Encoding & Streaming to Multiple Platforms

You can set dual stream output (mainstream and sub stream) in the built-in web console. Each stream can be used to up to 8 platforms with the same or different protocols, altogether it can simultaneously live stream to up to 16 platforms. Main stream resolution up to 1080p60Hz, sub stream resolution up to 720p 60Hz.

Up to 1080P Resolution


Kiloview E1 H.264 live video encoder delivers H.264 SDI video to various platforms like live broadcasts, YouTube Live, Facebook and live broadcast audio and video encoding for Ustream, Livestream, Twitch, Meridix, Streamspot, Dacast, and more. Applications of the SDI encoder include hotel TV system, school teaching, live broadcasting, church streaming. E1 encoder.

Overview of IP-based Video Transmission


Encoder configuration

Open the menu “Encoding and Media Streaming”, click “Encoding and Streaming Parameter Settings”, click “Add a Streaming Service” under the H.264 mainstream, and select “RTMP Push” in the pop-up dialog box.

At the push point column, fill in the complete RTMP push address of the decoder, and start the streaming service push, you can see that the network connection turns green , then it starts RTMP pushing.

connect your encoder

Connect Your Encoder and Go Live

To start streaming, enter your YouTube Live server URL and stream key into your encoder. If you have audio and video hardware, set it up with your encoder, also known as a streaming Device.

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