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Online Teaching Solution

Updated: Apr 23


Today we are talking about online Teaching Technology solution in India as per our customer requirements with minimum technical setup requirements.

online teaching setup

on the above technical solution, there is four devices which can run your teaching practice well.

1. Interactive Panel- you can find any brand Interactive panel Maxhub/ LG/ BenQ or you can use whiteboard too.

interactive panel

2. PTZ Camera - To know more about PTZ Camera click here !

PTZ camera can work in low light and it has facility for PAN- Tilt- ZOOM with 9 Preset control by remote control only.There is many models comes in to PTZ Camera, Some have IP OutPut (Which can stream directly to Facebook/YouTube) and through USB output you can use ZOOM/ Google Meet for your classroom.

ptz camera

3. Mic- Many brands of mic is in market, initially you can use BOYA if budget issue if not then you can buy AKG / Sennheiser


4. Computer/ Laptop- That you can buy from locally or online with good specification.

To know more about our Product Please visit:

To know more about Online Teaching Technology Solution or customize your solution, mail us or call/whatsapp us +91-9210025777.

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